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HyperPAC Performance Automotive Computer-1

HyperPAC Performance Automotive Computer-2

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Hypertech Products Excluded From All Sales

Put the power of a hi-performance tuning garage, a sophisticated dyno tester and an SAE certified mechanic right into your vehicle’s cockpit with the Hypertech HyperPAC! The Worlds First Performance Automotive Computer provides all the features of Hypertech's legendary Power Programmer, including the most powerful 50 state legal Power Tuning available! Two programs - one for regular and one for premium Diesel owners can switch between any of three different horsepower levels. And for all trucks, Hypertech power tuning is developed for the maximum towing weights allowed by the manufacturer.

Overflowing with features, the HyperPAC gives you 5 modes to do everything from boost your engine’s power output to read and clear diagnostic error codes. The HyperPAC’s 5 modes (Performance Tuning, Drag Strip, Dynamometer, Diagnostics and Engine Monitor) are custom-tuned for your exact year, make and model (see below for available models).

The Tuning program also allows adjustments to:
• RPM rev limiter
• Transmission's shift points and shift firmness,
• Electric cooling fan on/off temperatures (for cooler thermostats,
• Speedometer and odometer to correct (as required by Federal Law) for non-stock tire sizes and/or gear ratios,
• Vehicle top speed limiter to match the speed rating of high performance tires.

Quick and Easy Installation
Mount the HYPERpac in a convenient place, connect the cable to the vehicleís diagnostic port under the dash, and press the ìpower onî button. Diagnostic port connector and sturdy suction cup mount included.

Performance Tuning
Performance Tuning provides all of the features of Hypertechís Power Programmer, including powerful 50-State, street-legal Power Tuning available, plus many more adjustable features.

A ìChristmas Treeî start produces an exact duplication of a drag strip time slip: reaction times, 60 ft., 330 ft., 1/8-mile, 100 ft., and 1/4-mile speeds and e.t.ís, and displays a ìmagazine-type road testî in ten mile per hour increments.Engine Monitor
The Engine Monitor Program continuously displays important engine operating conditions as analog or digital gauges.

The Dynamometer program calculates horsepower and torque, at both the driving wheels and the engine with superior accuracy.

The Diagnostics program reads, explains, and clears diagnostic trouble codes (DTCís).

HyperPAC is Currently Available for:

#84005 2003 - 2006 Ford F250/F350/Excursion 6L Powerstroke
#83004 2001 - 2005 GM Duramax
#85003 2004 - 2005 Dodge RAM 5.7L Hemi
#84000 2004 - 2005 Ford F-150 5.4L 3 valve

HyperPACs will be Shipping Soon for:

#84004 1999 - 2002 Ford F250/F350/Excursion 7.3L T/D (projected ship date: 3/24)
#85005 1998 1/2 - 2002 Dodge Cummins Diesel 5.9L (projected ship date: 3/31)
#85006 2001 - 2002 Dodge Cummins Diesel 5.9L (projected ship date: 3/31)

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