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AMP Powerstep Open

AMP Powerstep Closed

Powerstep  Powered Runninng Boards

Wrangler Powerstep

AMP Running Board Light Kit

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AMP Research 
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Designed and built exclusively in the USA by AMP Research, the PowerStep™ seamlessly extends when any door is opened, giving a rock-solid, safe and convenient step up into your truck. When the doors close, it retracts just as smoothly, streamlining the vehicle profile with no loss of ground clearance. The original AMP Research PowerStep™ is proven to perform in severe driving conditions and is backed by a full 5-year/60,000 mile warranty.

Powerstep is triggered by the vehicles factory door sensors and extends to a convenient stepping height in about a second. Powered by an encased motor that is mounted easily under the vehicle, Powerstep is lowered when any door is opened. A closed door sends the automatic running board retracting to the neatly concealed pocket behind the vehicles OEM rocker panels without sacrificing ground clearance. Once closed, it's so invisible you'll never even know it was there.

The step portion of the Powerstep is a painted aluminum extrusion and is capable of handling up to 600 lbs. capacity per side. The step itself is wide and flat allowing for good foot placement, and in the lowered position, it extends outward 10-12" allowing occupants to take more of a natural step in or out of the vehicle. A no-slip textured surface allows for usage in all weather conditions. Powerstep has been tested in a variety of environments and temperatures from -40F to +200F.

Powerstep is designed, engineered and manufactured in the USA by AMP ResearchTM.

• Activated by your truck’s factory installed door sensors
• Extends to a convenient stepping height in about a second
• Retracts flush behind the rocker panels when door is closed
• 600 pound load capacity (per side)
• Heavy-duty, weatherproof motor with anti-pinch technology
• Real-world tested and rated in climate extremes from -40ºF to +200ºF
• Precision, zero-maintenance stainless-steel pivot pins
• The Powerstep operates effortlessly in snow and ice conditions
• OEM quality, corrosion resistant components for trouble-free operation
• 5-year, 60,000 mile warranty
• Includes wiring, mounting hardware, and instructions
• Integrated LED Light System – Standard
• Professional installation recommended
• Made in USA

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