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Affordable Plug-In Power!

Available now for Ford, Chevy and GMC Trucks only...

Hypertech's Power Tuning Module (PTM) produces an improvement in performance and driveability you can really feel! Based on point-by-point spark curve tuning, unlike some in-line power control modules that "trick" the computer with false coolant temperature or throttle position signals, the PTM utilizes Hypertech's proven Power Tuning techniques - dyno-developed, optimized spark curves that maximize an engines horsepower. You get more bang for your buck with a Hypertech Power Tuning Module. The Hypertech PTM is very affordable - and its ability to provide solid performance gains at an economical price make it the top choice among power modules.

Many Ford computers do not contain a replaceable engine tuning chip. That's why Hypertech engineers designed the Power Module™ for Ford cars and trucks. The Power Module's aluminum housing contains a dyno-tuned Power Chip™ mounted on a circuit board that easily plugs into the Ford computer's service port. The Power Module electronically disconnects the stock chip and replaces it with the Power Tuning™ information stored in the Hypertech Power Chip. The Power Module delivers the same performance benefits as other Hypertech Power Tuning™ products. Spark timing and fuel delivery are optimized for your engine, point-by-point, over the entire RPM range at full throttle. This produces the most powerful horsepower and torque curves possible. Ford Power Modules deliver more horsepower, higher torque, faster acceleration, and improved throttle response.

Installation of the PTM is a snap...

  1. Unplug the wiring harness connector from your truck's computer
  2. Plug the PTM cable into the computer
  3. Plug the vehicle's wiring harness into the PTM

That's it!! You're now ready to go rip it up with the most powerful computer tuning on the market! Who else but Hypertech could give you great power gains without a difficult installation?

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