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Fuel Injection Performance Kits [FIPK KIT]-1

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Fuel Injection Performance Kits [FIPK KIT]-4

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K & N 
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The World's Best Flowing, Best Filtering, High Performance "Street-Legal" Air Filtration Systems

K&N's FUEL INJECTION PERFORMANCE KIT (FIPK) dramatically reduces air intake restriction as it smoothes and straightens your engines air flow. This allows your engine to inhale a larger volume of air than a regular OEM air filter assembly. More air means more usable power and torque throughout the engines RPM range, with even greater power gains in turbocharged and supercharged engines. FIPKs are available for many popular vehicles, and are designed to replace the original air filter case without jeopardizing important emission standards. Exempted by the California Air Resource Board, FIPKs make it possible to experience the rapid acceleration of enhanced air flow while meeting the tough emissions standards of C.A.R.B..

FIPK's are washable, reusable and backed by K&N's unique 10 year Million Mile Limited Warranty.

The FIPK Design Concept
The Original FIPK combines a precision high flow K&N air filter element with other necessary components, depending on the specific application. The FIPK was designed to promote performance in fuel injected stock engines by creating air filtration with the least resistance in air flow. The benefit of low resistance air filters can be felt directly in throttle response. In addition to the filter, these kits have uniquely designed adapters. These adapters create a radius entry which reduces restriction and allows the engine to ingest an even greater volume of air.

K&N's Generation II FIPK* represents yet another evolution in air intake technology which replaces the entire air intake tract, thus isolating the cold air and directing the air through this truly unique chamber delivery system. This process may or may not include a heat shield. In fact, during testing on a Jeep Grand Cherokee we had repeat gains of 26.3 horsepower. We also have dyno test results showing torque increases through the towing ranges of no less than 23 ft. lbs.

The FIPK Effect
Replacing the OEM factory air cleaner assembly with a precision engineered K&N FIPK or the Generation II, will provide fully maximized air flow potential, creating an instant throttle response to please any performance enthusiast. Because they meet the standards of the C.A.R.B., FIPK's come with a high temperature label that contains an E.O. number. To ensure all the power and performance that your fuel injected stock engine is capable of giving, install a high quality K&N Fuel Injection Performance Kit and feel the power in the air!

  • Increases Acceleration 
  • Increases Power (up to a 26 HP gain)
  • Filter is Washable and Reusable
  • 50,000 Miles Before Service is Required
  • Engineered to Specific Vehicle Design
  • Replaces OEM Filter and Air Box
  • Emission Legal in all 50 US States
  • 10 Year / Million Mile Limited Warranty
  • *Generation II Fuel Injection Performance Kits not available for all vehicles.

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