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Take Control with an Autoloc Keyless Entry System!
AutoLoc exclusive multi-function Keyless Entry Units allow you to have total control over your vehicle from the palm of your hand! From a single four button remote you can roll your windows up and down, lock and unlock your doors, trunk, or hood, open/close your sunroof, remote start, turn on your headlights, neon, or dome light, alarm, operate your stereo, or virtually anything else you can think of! With multiple channels of accessory outputs, you'll only need one remote to control everything on your vehicle!

AutoLoc's exclusive 4-button remotes make controlling multiple functions easy. No more pushing complicated button combinations, simply select the channel and send the signal.

Each of the multiple available channels offer programmable pulse times, allowing you to choose between pulse, constant, and latching outputs. AutoLoc's Keyless Entry Units also features Visual Parking Light Confirmation, Long Range Remote Controls, and AutoLoc's exclusive Shaved Door Handle Mode, which increases the efficiency of solenoids and actuators.

AutoLoc Keyless Entry Units come with two 4-button remotes and plug-in wiring harnesses that make installation quick and easy. In order to ensure quality and performance, each unit has a Limited Lifetime Warranty.


Part numbers KL1000 and KL700 have BIRT (Built-In Relay Technology)
This technology is used for the door lock/unlock function. NO RELAYS ARE NEEDED
For any other functions (ie Trunk latch, power windows, etc) you will need to purchase additional relays.

Part numbers KL400, and KL800 DO NOT have BIRT - You will NEED to purchase at least 2 or more relays for your door locks. For additional other functions (ie Trunk latch, power windows, etc.) you will need to purchase additional relays.

Smart & Fixed Buttons:
AutoLoc's simple to use 4 button remote makes operation of your keyless entry system easy! You have 2 choices, Standard button operation, or Smart button operation. No more pushing complicated button combinations! Simply push button 1 to lock your doors (channel 1) and button 2 to unlock your doors (channel 2). Push button 3 to select your channel, then button 4 to send the selected channel. (Example: To activate channel 6, simply push button 3 six times then push button 4. Smart buttons make the KL1000 ideal for shaved door handle kits, or any applications!)

The KL1000's Built-In Door Lock Relays work on negative, positive, and five wire systems, making wiring up the KL1000 fast and easy.

Built-in Door Lock & Unlock Relay: Stop wiring up external relays! AutoLoc offers B.I.R.T (built-in relay technology) resulting in one of the most reliable and easiest installed keyless entry systems on the market. Compatible with all door locking systems, including reverse polarity! Built in relays increase reliability, while reducing installation wiring time by over 70%.

Code Learning:
Lose a remote? Not to worry. AutoLoc's KL1000 can learn up to 4 different remotes. Each remote has its own coded frequency to insure your vehicles protection.

Code Rolling Technology:
Today's car thief uses "code grabbing" machines to duplicate a standard car alarm code. Once the car thief has the code he retransmits it out and deactivates the car alarm. At the same time the doors unlock and the car thief has full access to the car. AutoLoc's code rolling technology insures your car's safety by changing codes on the receiver after each transmission. To insure maximum protection AutoLoc's code rolling technology also allows you to delete lost or stolen codes.

Parking Light Output:
This allows the unit to flash the parking lights once for lock and twice for unlock. This visual confirmation insures your vehicle's safety. The lights will also flash anytime a channel is selected on the remote.

  • Control Mulitple Functions From One Remote
  • Fully Programmable Outputs
  • Code Rolling Technology
  • Long-Range Remotes with Smart Button Technology
  • Works With All Stellar Alarms
  • Visual Confirmation
  • Shaved Door Handle Mode
  • Independent Buttons
  • Starter Kill Output
  • Ignition Safety Mode
  • Detailed Instructions
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

  • call toll free 1 (269) 556-2000 here

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